Welcome to the Human Brains Foundation

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Human Brains Foundation is a charitable association whose mission is to describe the brain in beautiful and scientifically accurate simplicity to the general public; to create an impact with real world projects; to connect scientists, general public and professionals to simulate fruitful discussions, research and insights into the brain and human behaviour.

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Many people and scientists claim we are far from explaining the human brain. We disagree, we feel it is beneficial to society and humanity to give a simple accurate model of the brain that everyone can understand. This is what we have done here.

We also want to stimulate discussion at different levels: general public, educated public, generate scientific community and brain specialists.
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We also passionately believe that understanding h brain, its evolutions connections to human behaviour we can create an impact in the world. In short the world can benefit from more knowledge of the brain to drive policy, education, and have a better planet for us all. To do this a core focus of the HBF is to run projects connecting a variety of disciplines and driven by brain science. They may be large, they may be small and they can be in any field. For more information see here.
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Another core belief that we hold is that many fields, profession and people communicating together can generate better and deeper knowledge. We hence aim to connect a variety of intreated and completely different fields to impact our knowledge of the brain and how we view it in the general public.

The goal of Human Brains Foundation is to spread knowledge about the brain to the world. To do this we will:
- Use the power of beautiful simplicity
- Draw on a wide variety of research
- Make it applicable

Our goal is to consolidate the knowledge of brain so that everyone and anyone can access the knowledge and use it on a daily basis.

Our vision is to see the world making better decisions and using their brains better to solve all forms of issues from parenting to education to large political questions.

We believe we have the knowledge to make the world a better place tomorrow - too much of this knowledge is inaccessible to the general public not to mention policy makers in government, business leaders, educationalists and the average person on the street.

Human Brains Foundation was formed by Andy Habermacher a leader in "Neuroleadership" whose work has focused on the brain and human behaviour in many contexts and Dr. Hans P. Wüest whose decades of work in the medical profession as an anaesthesiologist and pain expert have led to a fascination with the biological aspect of the human brain.

Both share a fascination with the brain, a systems perspective and a multidisciplinary approach.